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Who Might Need a Dental Cap?

One of the most common questions patients ask at Smiles of Naperville is “What is a dental cap?” A dental cap, also called a crown, is typically constructed from porcelain and placed on top of a tooth for a variety of reasons. Ceramic and metal also make attractive options, although they may not be as durable. A cap is a permanent dental prosthetic that remains in place indefinitely or until you request to have it removed. When you practice good oral hygiene and don’t put undue stress on the cap, it can last for more than a decade before needing [...]

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What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns can be thought of as a kind of “helmet” for your teeth.  There are two main parts of your teeth, the root and the enamel.  The root, as it sounds, is like that of a tree, the part of the tooth which keeps it in the bones of your jaw.  The enamel is the white part of the tooth which your normally see, and it is a protective coating over the tooth defending against bacteria & acid attacks.  When this top layer is worn through, cracked, or chipped, usually the solution is to replace it by using a [...]

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