prevent gum disease

Gum disease is a leading problem in dentistry. Many people lose their teeth to gum disease because they fail to realize how important it is to keep gums healthy before it is too late. Most people are only concerned about the health of their teeth and they focus all their attention on it, not knowing that the life of their teeth very much depends on the health of their gums.

The gums and all the other structures of the periodontium are important. You maintain the health of the gums, the periodontal fibers and the alveolar bone because they keep the teeth stable in the jaw. You maintain the health of the gums because the aesthetics and function of the teeth rely on it.

  • Perform good oral hygiene practices. One’s best defense against oral disease is to be more vigilant with take care of the condition of the oral cavity. Everyone is encouraged to perform good oral hygiene measures on a regular basis, so that plaque is kept away and disease is prevented. You have to brush, floss, rinse your mouth clean every after you eat or at least twice a day to get rid of bacteria that causes gum disease.
  • Eat healthy food. The food you take into your mouth affects the health of your oral cavity. If you take so much of the bad, your gums will suffer and your teeth will suffer with it. Plaque is the most important culprit in gum disease and sweets or carbohydrate based foods are very good plaque formers in the mouth. Preventing gum disease should involve avoiding the intake of such foods. You eat more of what is good for your teeth such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and dairy so that oral diseases could be avoided.
  • See the dentist regularly. There are two phases of gum disease: gingivitis is a reversible condition that can still be reverted to normal, but once the condition has already crossed to periodontitis, the problem is more serious and the patient’s chance of achieving success is less. Periodontitis is an irreversible condition involving the loss of bone and as with most disease conditions, early detection is one’s best chance. When you see the dentist regularly, early signs of gum disease are going to be detected so treatment will be provided right away.

Prevent gum disease by going to your dentist regularly and maintaining good oral hygiene. Remember, prevention is key to good overall health.