The oral cavity is composed of various structures and when oral health is being talked about, you need to concern yourself with your teeth and gums. Some people are careless enough to disregard oral health thinking that such a small part of the body need not be given so much attention. They do not understand that the mouth and the structure within it hold very important functions and great care should be provided for disease prevention.

Keeping gums and teeth healthy may seem hard at first, but it is not an impossible feat. If you are hoping to claim victory over disease prevention, make sure to observe the following tips:

Tip #1 : Observe good oral hygiene. The work you do at home defines the state of your oral health. If you are lax and neglectful, you cannot expect so much about your oral condition; but if you are more devoted to keeping gums and teeth healthy, it will show. Make sure to brush, floss and rinse your mouth regularly. Oral hygiene practices should be performed at least twice a day or after every meal. To properly rid the mouth of disease causing plaque, it should be cleaned thoroughly.

Tip #2 : Visit the dentist regularly. Your personal oral hygiene efforts at home are good but they are not enough if you wish to really maintain the health of your smile. The dentist can provide reliable preventive measures that will guarantee health such as dental cleaning, fluoride application and dental sealants. By regularly seeing your dentist, problems will be detected at its earliest stages and they will be resolved even before matters get worse.

Tip #3 :  Maintain a healthy diet. What you eat, eventually translates to your health; and if you eat healthy you can expect to be stronger against disease. Being careless and eating so much of the wrong food will endanger your teeth. Sweets are the biggest enemy of oral cavity. Carbohydrates breakdown into food particles that form plaque in the mouth and encourages bacteria to thrive. If you wish to hold on to the beauty and health of your smile, you will eat more healthily. Add more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Avoid food that are tough, hard and sticky.

Tip #4 : Drink a lot of water. Water hydrates and lubricates the body so that the organs may be able to function more efficiently. Drinking water not only washes away food particles from the mouth so that it is properly cleaned, but it also keeps it moist so that bacteria do not make a perfect environment for it to thrive in. Dry mouths encourage bacterial growth, so disease is rampant in this kind of environment.

Failing in disease prevention can lead to all kinds of problems. You may lose your teeth, compromise the function of the oral cavity and face a condition that you will find hard reversing.

Remember, keeping your teeth and gums healthy will lead to a healthier and stronger body.