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Looking for a Better Dentist in Naperville

  If your health is important to you, it will be essential for you to partner with the right medical practitioners. The maintenance and health is a partnership between the individual and his doctor, and the same is true with concerns about dental health. To enjoy the beauty and quality of your smile, you will need a good dentist. The dentist and his/her team are highly trained professionals that are equipped to diagnose, prevent, treat and manage various dental conditions. By partnering with a better Naperville dentist, you ensure the safety and health of your teeth and your smile. When [...]

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How to Boost Your Confidence?

We all want to live a life that we’ve always dreamed of but others feel they are living a life that’s far from the ideal picture of their dream-life. Others feel that they are pretty close and still closing in. To create and live the life you truly want, it is important to have confidence in the areas of your life that will get you there. You may have quite ambitious dreams but if you lack the confidence that you will meet your goals it is going to be challenging to follow through. You have to be confident that you [...]

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Who Needs Dental Sealants?

The dental anatomy of the molars presents deep grooves and fissures that are very distinct and unique to every tooth. The grooves and fissures are characteristic of every posterior teeth, premolar or molar, some deeper than others, while some rather shallow and presenting insignificant depths. These spaces unfortunately trap in food particles that allow bacteria to thrive in the mouth and when disease-causing bacteria is abundant in the oral cavity, the teeth becomes prone to attack, leading to dental caries. The deep grooves and fissure create a perfect dwelling place for bacteria to grow and multiply. They settle in these [...]

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Understanding General Dentistry

It used to be that you only went to the dentist twice a year for a check-up. In the past few decades, dentists nationwide have added such services as cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and restorative dentistry, leaving many to wonder, "What is general dentistry?" General Dentistry Services at Smiles of Naperville Dr. Prasad Gonavarum and his staff help patients experience optimal dental health with regular dental exams and cleaning in addition to several other services. We recommend that both adults and children come in for a professional cleaning every six months. In addition to polishing, we scale the teeth to ensure [...]

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