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What is Fluoride Treatment?

Despite the fact that fluoride is naturally present in water and many foods, most American children still don’t receive enough of it. Unfortunately, this can have devastating consequences on their developing teeth. Without enough fluoride, your kids are at a greater risk of developing tooth decay at an early age. At Smiles of Naperville, our dentists recommend fluoride treatments twice annually at your child’s routine cleaning and check-up. This can start as early as six month before any teeth have erupted. Ideally, all children should receive regular fluoride treatments until they are 16 years old. Understanding the Process If you [...]

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Why We Need Fluoride Treatments

Why do we need professional fluoride treatments when we have fluoride toothpaste and fluoride mouthwash at home? Professional fluoride treatments are recommended in order to prevent tooth decay and make teeth more resilient to plaque, sugar and other bacteria in your mouth. Fluoride is a mineral that helps restore and build a tooth enamel layer. Fluoride is not only in your tooth paste or mouthwash, it’s also found in a variety of different foods and in water, which contributes to the restoration of tooth enamel. Fluoride is also used in order to reverse decay. Fluoride treatments are important because it [...]

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Fluoride Treatments: What You Need To Know

Fluoride is one of the more powerful means that help prevent dental decay. It is a compound mineral which exists in almost all foods and even drinks like teas and water treatment plants. Fluoride continues to be fully supported by numerous professional health organizations for well over 50 years. Topical Fluoride This type of fluoride could be used to strengthen the surface enamel of teeth, giving additional resistance to dental decay. Topical fluorides are included in fluoride containing dental products such as oral rinses, toothpastes, and oral gels. An added manner to get topical fluorides is through fluoride therapies which [...]

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