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How a root canal treatment helps you keep all your teeth

Our teeth help us to chew food that needs to be broken down before it enters our digestive system so that our body can absorb the nutrients from them.  It also helps us pronounce much more clearly and accurately. Our teeth also help us look better by preventing our facial muscles to sag. If teeth are not treated properly, they will likely to develop cavities, tooth decay, serious oral problems and can even cause tooth loss. If a tooth can no longer be fixed with traditional fillings and you do not want to get your tooth extracted, you can undergo [...]

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What you should do after a root canal procedure?

Root canal treatment is done to save and restore a tooth that is badly decayed. Dental infection not treated in its early stage may progress and infect the tooth’s pulp or the tooth’s nerve chamber, thus causing pain and swelling in the affected tooth. Your dentist will advise you to undergo the root canal procedure to remove the infected pulp and other dental debris that causes pain and swelling. After care of root canal procedure includes: You should take your medications as directed by the dentist.   Pain relievers should be taken on its proper schedule to avoid the incidence [...]

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