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Difference Between Inlays & Onlays

If you have a large cavity that Dr. Prasad Gonavarum is unable to fill using traditional materials, he will likely suggest that you receive an inlay or onlay. This procedure is also appropriate for patients who have one or more teeth that appear darker than the others due to tooth decay. If you want to replace old metal fillings or don’t want to get a dental crown, inlays and onlays make a great alternative. How Are Inlays and Onlays Different from Each Other? Dr. Prasad Gonavarum will recommend placing an inlay if you have decay or a cavity on a [...]

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Treat tooth decay with dental fillings

Tooth decay is the most common cause of tooth loss among the young and old population. It usually happens because of poor oral hygiene, wrong food choices and unhealthy lifestyle. Often times, we hear and read the importance of a good oral hygiene to prevent plaque build-up that can cause tooth decay. A dental plaque is a sticky, colorless substance that forms and covers the tooth surface. So how plaque can damage teeth? Simple, it harbors bacteria that when combined with sugar from sweets or your carbohydrate-rich meal, they produce acid. The acid can wear out the tooth’s enamel by [...]

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