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After Care of Root Canal Procedure

Root canal treatment is done to save and restore a tooth that is badly decayed. Dental infection not treated in its early stage may progress and infect the tooth’s pulp or the tooth’s nerve chamber, thus causing pain and swelling in the affected tooth. Your dentist will advise you to undergo the root canal procedure to remove the infected pulp and other dental debris that causes pain and swelling. After care of root canal procedure includes: You should take your medications as directed by the dentist. Pain relievers should be taken on its proper schedule to avoid the incidence of [...]

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Dental Extraction of Wisdom Teeth

  Are you feeling discomfort or pain in the back of your mouth? Has your gum erupted and become swollen? Chances are your wisdom teeth are about to set it. Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth that people get in their teen years or early twenties. Wisdom teeth are essential to the mouth but not needed. In most cases wisdom teeth have to be removed because they are misaligned, but they can also remain in your mouth if they are properly aligned. Most dentist will recommend that your wisdom teeth be removed before they are actually fully developed. [...]

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7 Conditions When Tooth Extraction Is Needed

There are conditions to be observed to know when tooth extraction is needed. A tooth extraction is the removal of the tooth from the jaw and may be done simply or could require surgical removal especially when the tooth is impacted. Whether a tooth extraction is simple or complicated will depend on the tooth, its shape and form, as well as the position it assumes in the mouth. A tooth that is mono-rooted (one root) will be extracted quite simply than one which has two or three extremely divergent roots. An impacted, ankylosed or fractured tooth will be so much [...]

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How Much Does a Tooth Extraction Cost?

You may need to have a tooth extracted for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common ones include: A tooth was partially knocked out in an accident and the Smiles of Naperville dentists need to remove the remainder to make room for a dental restoration. The tooth serves no useful purpose, as in the case of wisdom teeth. You’re about to start orthodontic treatment and need to make room for other teeth to shift. You have extra teeth that are blocking other teeth from erupting normally. You have significant tooth decay or nerve damage that has left the [...]

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