On the 11th of February, Smiles of Naperville teamed up with the non-profit organization Dentistry From The Heart to organize a Free Day of Dentistry in Naperville.

Because of the rising cost of medical treatments and the economic downturn, we know that more and more people are having difficulty affording dental care, especially those without dental insurance. And with Naperville dentist Dr. Gonavarum’s leading  Smiles of Naperville’s team of dental professionals, patients were given the opportunity to restore and enhance the natural beauty of their smiles for free!

That day was a memorable day for all of us, and we hope it was for our patients as well. To all those who were the privileged 100 patients, thank you for joining us at our very first charity event with Dentistry from the Heart.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Dentistry From The Heart event!  To know more about this meaningful event and learn about other free dental care events around the country, please visit our partner’s website www.DentistryFromTheHeart.org