Patients who need one or more teeth replaced are increasingly requesting dental implants rather than typical dentures that are removable.

It’s easy to understand why when you consider the many benefits of dental implants. Patients do not have to worry about the embarrassment of having them fall out nor do dental implants affect chewing or speaking ability. Here at Smiles of Naperville we make sure that your new implants match the unique shade and shape of your existing teeth so they appear as natural as possible.

Some Patients Require a Bone Graft First

When Dr. Gonavarum places your new dental implant, he affixes it in place with tiny titanium screws. It’s essential for the area where you are receiving the dental implant to have enough high-quality bone to support it. If you have insufficient or weak bone material, your Smiles of Naperville dentist needs to conduct a bone graft for dental implant. This requires him to remove small amounts of bone from other areas of your mouth and then transfer it to the implant area.

In most cases, the bone used for transplantation comes from the back of your jaw or the area near your chin. Before moving with the procedure, Dr. Gonavarum provides you with a numbing anesthetic. If he is removing a diseased tooth in order to place a dental implant, he will typically perform the bone graft at the same time.

Know If You’re a Candidate for Dental Implants

We understand that you have several options for tooth replacement and that it is important for you to explore all of them. If you are seriously considering dental implants, please contact our office to request a consultation. At this appointment, Dr. Gonavarum will explain the procedure in-depth as well as discuss the pros and cons specific to your situation. If he thinks you will need a bone graft to support your new implants, he will go over that process as well.

Living with missing teeth is embarrassing and could complicate your oral health, so don’t delay in finding out if dental implants are right for you.