Teeth bonding is the process of applying a filling material, or composite, to one or more teeth to disguise minor cosmetic issues like cracks or staining. Dr. Prasad Gonavarum matches the color of the composite to the natural shading of your teeth as closely as possible. Over the past several years, the materials used for the teeth bonding process have become more durable than ever. If you are considering enhancing your smile with a cosmetic dentistry procedure, teeth bonding is a fast, non-invasive, and pain-free way to go about it.

How it Works

After Dr. Prasad Gonavarum layers the bonding and applies it to your teeth, he molds and shapes it until you are satisfied with the results. The materials used in the bonding process are the same as those contained in a dental filling. Another similarity is that Dr. Prasad Gonavarum applies the bonding material to your teeth directly. For this reason, you need to be highly committed to excellent oral hygiene habits. A benefit of regular brushing and flossing is that your newly bonded teeth will sparkle.

Most Conservative Cosmetic Dentistry Option

Although Dr. Prasad Gonavarum offers several other options for concealing cracks, chips, gaps, and staining, teeth bonding is the most conservative because it involves a direct application. Depending on your specific issue, you may also want to consider these alternatives:

Professional Teeth Whitening: Using a bleaching gel and a special curing light, Dr. Prasad Gonavarum can remove brown or yellow staining from your teeth in several applications. Most people increase the brightness of their smile by at least several shades.
Porcelain Veneers: Dr. Prasad Gonavarum attaches a veneer to the front of your tooth surface to disguise common cosmetic issues. Although the veneer is extremely thin, he needs to remove a small amount of tooth enamel in order for it to fit properly.
Bonding may also be substituted for orthodontic work, tooth restoration, or tooth replacement in certain situations. Please visit or call the dental office of Dr. Prasad Gonavarum to learn more about teeth bonding and whether it is right for you.