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Importance of professional help in keeping your teeth healthy and strong

You were taught that brushing your teeth regularly and flossing at least once a day, along with avoiding sweet treats and eating healthier foods, and avoiding bad habits such as smoking, is the best way to keep oral diseases at bay. Although they are true, these practices are not all that you need. To keep your teeth and gums healthy you also need to seek professional help. It is a practice of many to only seek professional help when they are in pain and needs to be treated from their oral disease. The public should be made aware of the [...]

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Treat tooth decay with dental fillings

Tooth decay is the most common cause of tooth loss among the young and old population. It usually happens because of poor oral hygiene, wrong food choices and unhealthy lifestyle. Often times, we hear and read the importance of a good oral hygiene to prevent plaque build-up that can cause tooth decay. A dental plaque is a sticky, colorless substance that forms and covers the tooth surface. So how plaque can damage teeth? Simple, it harbors bacteria that when combined with sugar from sweets or your carbohydrate-rich meal, they produce acid. The acid can wear out the tooth’s enamel by [...]

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What happens when you undergo a root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is the removal of a bacterial infection that has entered the pulp of your tooth. It is a procedure performed by your dentist to repair and rescue a severely damaged and infected tooth. The acid produced when the bacteria from plaque and sugar from the food debris combine, can wear down the tooth enamel thus resulting to cavities or dental decay. These cavities can cause dental infection and if left untreated, may progress to other structures of the tooth, like the tooth pulp. The pulp of the tooth contains nerve and blood vessels. Any damage to these [...]

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Steps to achieve a healthy, perfect smile at home

Developing a good oral hygiene at home is the most efficient way of preventing tooth decay, gum and oral diseases. The key to keeping your bright and healthy smile throughout your life is to practice and observe a good oral hygiene. Each of us is prone to cavities, gingivitis and other serious oral problems. Some of these problems may lead to: 1. Tooth loss. Tooth decay is the primary reason why some of the people suffer from tooth loss. It is also caused by the bacteria that clump together in your tooth that produces acids. It eats away the enamel [...]

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Keeping your Teeth and Gums Healthy

Tooth brushing and flossing are important dental habits to keep your teeth clean and healthy, however they are not enough. Dental problems, such as tartar (hardened plaque) build-up cannot be removed with a mere use of a tooth brush and a dental floss. Tartar build-up usually develops in areas where brushing and flossing cannot reach. This needs to be professionally cleaned by a dentist or a dental hygienist. Tartar is diagnosed through dental exam performed by your dentist. It is recommended that you visit your dentist at least twice year for dental check-ups. During a dental exam, an oral examination [...]

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Benefits and Risks of having dental bridges

Usually, after a person has lost or knocked-out his/her tooth or teeth, the most suggested treatment is by having a removable prosthetic device like dentures, and dental bridges. A removable prosthetic device can provide coverage for your lost tooth but since they are not implanted, they can provide you discomfort and some inferiority functions. Your dentist, in place of the removable dentures, however can prescribe dental bridges when you have gaps between teeth.   In having a dental bridge, you must know that your remaining teeth provides support to the crown. Like having a porcelain crown, the dental bridge is [...]

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Want to improve your smile? Consider Cosmetic Dentistry

Taking care of our teeth is not just a daily responsibility, but rather, a lifetime commitment. Without our teeth functioning properly, we would have a difficult time doing simple tasks like eating, pronouncing words, and even smiling! Even though speech is not usually associated to teeth, there are some sounds that can only be produced when our tongue is in contact with our front teeth. This makes our teeth very valuable for us to effectively communicate. Imagine trying to eat without teeth. Hard, right? Our teeth are important to help us cut and grind our food before swallowing, and our [...]

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Porcelain Dental Bridge: Types and Uses

Dental bridges are a type of prosthetic device that is used to replace one or more teeth that are missing. They are usually made out of metal, gold, silver, ceramic, or porcelain. Unlike removable prosthetic devices like dentures, dental bridges are cemented to the teeth, or to an implant surrounding the empty space, and only a dentist can remove them. The dental implant that can be used to attach a bridge is called an abutment. An abutment serves as an anchor for the bridge. The replacement tooth, or pontic, is then attached to the bridge that covers those abutments. If [...]

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3 Signs You Need to Go to an Emergency Dentist

There are simple reasons you go to a dentist, and there are emergency reasons too. How should you know and what should you do? A yearly and/or quarterly check up isn’t actually enough, you should know more to be more guarded. If you check in one or more of our red alerts below, go to a dentist pronto. Red Alert # 1: Tooth Pain, bleeding or aching gums Tooth pain or tooth aches are very common among the countless mouth/dental problems. If you are suffering from tooth pain, you certainly must go to a dentist. This might be because of [...]

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