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Secrets to Keeping Gums and Teeth Healthy

The oral cavity is composed of various structures and when oral health is being talked about, you need to concern yourself with your teeth and gums. Some people are careless enough to disregard oral health thinking that such a small part of the body need not be given so much attention. They do not understand that the mouth and the structure within it hold very important functions and great care should be provided for disease prevention. Keeping gums and teeth healthy may seem hard at first, but it is not an impossible feat. If you are hoping to claim victory [...]

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Important Tips on Oral Hygiene

A person’s set of teeth are valuable for a number of reasons. The most obvious and significant of these reasons is that a complete set of teeth allows them to smile with confidence. Who wants to hide their smile? Our teeth permits proper nourishment, improves speech, holds the bite and maintains the integrity of the facial structures. Most people are not so concerned about the other functions: so they are quick to dismiss oral health, but when you begin to warn them about not being able to smile they begin to see things clearly. If you want to preserve the [...]

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Comparing Between Dental Bridges and Dental Implants

Have you lost a tooth? A person can easily lose a tooth or a few teeth for all kinds of reason. He may have lost it after an accidental blow to the face; he may have lost it due to the tooth infection that was not earlier resolved; or he may have lost it due to an awful progression of gum disease. Inasmuch as a dentist would like to be able to save a tooth, some teeth are simply geared towards an extraction, so the next step is to order a replacement with through dental bridge or dental implants. Naperville [...]

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Are Digital Dental X-Rays Better?

When a dentist is presented with a problem, he makes a thorough assessment of the case in order to offer proper dental treatment. Some diseases are easily detected, so that the problem is easily resolved; but there are some conditions that are more complicated, so requiring extra attention and perfect judgement. Ideally, visual inspection is enough to confirm the presence of disease. The patient opens his mouth and under the light, the dentist is able to identify the problem. Aided with his tools, he looks into mouth and makes a definitive diagnosis of the case. Sometimes, when the problem lies [...]

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Choosing a Dental Bridge over Removable Dentures

When a tooth is lost, you will need to replace what was lost so that you do not compromise the function of the oral cavity. However small, the oral cavity serves a very vital function for every person and it is essential that you replace your tooth or teeth with a dental bridge or a removable denture, if you want to maintain your smile, your bite, your speech and your masticatory function. When a tooth is lost and it is not replaced, all kinds of changes occur in the mouth. Teeth may drift, tip and move; the bite may collapse and TMJ [...]

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