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Who Might Need a Dental Cap?

One of the most common questions patients ask at Smiles of Naperville is “What is a dental cap?” A dental cap, also called a crown, is typically constructed from porcelain and placed on top of a tooth for a variety of reasons. Ceramic and metal also make attractive options, although they may not be as durable. A cap is a permanent dental prosthetic that remains in place indefinitely or until you request to have it removed. When you practice good oral hygiene and don’t put undue stress on the cap, it can last for more than a decade before needing [...]

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Three Different Kinds of Dental Services

  Whatever dental concern you may have, whatever dental problem you may be dealing with, the dentist is the skilled professional that you need to trust. The dentist has gone through years of schooling, to equip himself with sufficient knowledge and skill to diagnose dental conditions, so that proper address may be given to patients. Even the team that works with the dentist is carefully chosen; the dental auxiliaries, are brought into the teams to make the dentist more efficient, productive and successful in his endeavors. All trained to perform their tasks, the comprehensive team in the dental office offer [...]

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Dental Implants and a Problems that might encounter

  Dental Implants are one of the many advances in dental technology that had helped many people in restoring their lost teeth. They work by replacing your lost teeth roots and anchoring dental prosthesis such as dental crowns, bridges and dentures in place. Dental implants are the most effective way in preventing bone loss in your jaws and maintaining your facial structure. Although these are proven to be beneficial to most patients, there still exist problems with dental implants. Dental implants are embedded on the patient’s jaw through surgical procedure. Like any other surgical procedures, infection is the most common [...]

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Foods That Can Blemish Your Teeth and Tips To Whiten Your Teeth

  Your teeth is normally white in color; however as you age, they turn to yellow as a result of tooth’s enamel wearing out. Aside from your body’s natural process causing discolored teeth, what you eat and drink can also cause teeth stains. Foods that stain teeth are: Coffee – It contains acid that can wear out the tooth’s enamel when drank regularly, thus resulting to a yellowish teeth. Coffee also contains polyphenols, responsible in staining teeth. Black tea – It contains high levels of tannins as compared to other tea variants. Tannins can stain your teeth. Wine – Red [...]

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Best Cosmetic Dentistry Services to Enhance Your Smile

For the past several years there has been substantial progress in the field of smile enhancement and Cosmetic Dentistry. New technology have led to new and better dental procedures involving cosmetic dentistry treatments like ceramic veneers, which are now more accessible and can be easily afforded by all. The quality of our smile plays an important role in our lives. Regardless of the culture, language or even religion, a smile is a universal symbol of love and friendship that is even recognized by newborns. A beautiful smile can help you a great deal in getting the attraction of people and [...]

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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

If you’re unhappy with some aspect of your smile, you may be considering undergoing a cosmetic dentistry procedure to enhance it. Most patients are aware of some of their options to change the way their teeth look, but not all of them. You may even wonder “What is cosmetic dentistry?” If so, you’re not alone. That is a common question that we hear at Smiles of Naperville. Cosmetic dentistry is any procedure that a patient voluntarily undergoes to enhance the appearance of his or her teeth and smile. Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures at Smiles of Naperville If you are interested in [...]

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Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Our teeth allow us to do different things in the different activities that we do every day. Mostly, it helps us to chew our food, helps us to speak and maintain our facial structures. Keeping our mouth and teeth healthy can prevent disease, tooth infection and aesthetic dysfunction from occurring in the future. Every one of us is born with beautiful and healthy teeth so it is just rightful for us to take good care of them. We should abstain from any food or beverage that might wear out the color of our teeth and its structure. These foods and [...]

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What Do Dental Veneers Correct?

Dental veneers are used by dentists to fix cavities or broken and damaged teeth. Veneers are also used to improve the look of healthy teeth to improve the appearance. This treatment can result in a set of straight, matching teeth of healthy white coloring, giving the patient greater confidence to show off their smile. Veneers are a popular choice for patients who would like to get a smile makeover - any cosmetic dental treatment that improves the aesthetics of your teeth. Veneers correct a number of dental issues including: Stained teeth that stubbornly resist whitening treatments can be effectively hidden [...]

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Teeth Whitening Procedure

Everyone deserves to have a pretty smile. If you want to flash a truly beautiful set of teeth, but you are troubled with its color and shade, you can visit Smiles of Naperville and ask the best at Reflection Drive what your professional teeth whitening options are. A person’s smile can do so much not only to his personal appearance, but also to his confidence. When a person looks good, he ultimately feels good about himself, and everything else follows.

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Dental Fillings

The teeth serves all kinds of functions to an individual. Its most valuable functions include allowing a person to speak, eat and maintain the integrity of his facial structures. While speech is not directly related to the teeth, there are certain sounds that can only be produced when the tongue is in contact with the front teeth; this makes the anterior teeth quite valuable.

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