Our teeth allow us to do different things in the different activities that we do every day. Mostly, it helps us to chew our food, helps us to speak and maintain our facial structures. Keeping our mouth and teeth healthy can prevent disease, tooth infection and aesthetic dysfunction from occurring in the future.

Every one of us is born with beautiful and healthy teeth so it is just rightful for us to take good care of them. We should abstain from any food or beverage that might wear out the color of our teeth and its structure. These foods and beverages we eat and drink usually contains harmful chemicals that retain on your tooth’s enamel. Brushing alone cannot completely solve the problem. Therefore, you must consult with a cosmetic dentist to fix these problems.

Here at Smiles of Naperville, our cosmetic dentists are able to do all kinds of things to help restore and transform your smile that you always dream of! These are the types of cosmetic dentistry procedures we do here in our office:

Composite Fillings. This type of procedure is usually done for those who have chipped and cracked tooth or decaying or cavity-filled teeth. Composite Fillings can last many years with the continuous care instructed by your cosmetic dentist.

Porcelain Crowns (Caps). This type of procedure is usually done to improve the use and the aesthetic capabilities of one’s tooth. A cosmetic dentist usually prescribes crowns when fillings can no longer restore a tooth after it is fractured or damaged. It can be prescribed to patients with discolored and stained teeth as well.

Porcelain Veneers. This type of cosmetic procedure is usually done to patients who have problems with their smile or teeth. It is prescribed to patients with discolored or misaligned teeth.

Porcelain Dental Bridge. This type of cosmetic procedure is prescribed to patients who have completely lost few of their teeth. Dentists, in replacement of expensive dentures, usually recommend this type of cosmetic appliance.

Teeth Whitening. Compared to dental crowns, bridges and veneers, this type of procedure may not give the patient his/her desired whiteness of their teeth. Compared with the other methods above, this procedure does not destroy the healthy surface of your teeth.

It is going to be important for you to discuss your options with your cosmetic dentist. This will help you choose what type of cosmetic procedures is suited for you and your lifestyle.