fluoride treatment

There are three different types of procedures performed in a dental office: preventive, cosmetic and therapeutic. Of the three, preventive dental procedures are often ignored because patients forget the importance of safeguarding disease when no threat is posing a direct need. They are not feeling anything bad so they think that they are in good health condition, but one can only ensure that when diligent preventive measures are provided such as the regular fluoride treatment we have here at Smiles of Naperville.

Signs You Need Fluoride Treatment

Naperville patients visit their dentists for various things. As much as one remembers to see his dentist for the relief of pain and discomfort, however, they should also make it a habit. You’ll know you need a fluoride treatment if you have:

  1. White spots. White spots on the teeth are usually an indication of demineralization. When an area of the tooth is not receiving enough nourishment, they will be weaker and so will not be of the same color as the natural teeth. This will be resolved with fluoride treatment; patients who receive enough doses can have an even colored smile.
  2. Orthodontics treatment. During orthodontic treatment with dental braces, the brackets and bands are adhered to the teeth using adhesives and cements that usually dry up the teeth. To counteract the effect of the adhesives and so that more costly restorative dental procedures may be avoided, fluoride is applied on a regular basis.
  3. Developing teeth. For growing and developing teeth, the application of fluoride will aid in the proper formation of the hard tissues of the teeth, making it strong and less susceptible to disease formation or caries. Fluoride treatment gives your child a better chance to enjoy his smile for longer years. Through it, you are giving the teeth a formidable foundation to begin with.
  4. Weak teeth. When a teeth is found to be weaker in comparison to most teeth; if it is susceptible to fracture and caries formation, receiving regular doses of fluoride treatment can strengthen the teeth.

While a restorative dental specialist can resolve some of these issues with an appropriate procedure, it is still best for you to make an effort to preserve the health of the tooth. Regular fluoride treatment at Smiles of Naperville will offer various benefits. If you wish to preserve the health and beauty of your smile, you will make an effort to schedule regular fluoride applications.