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What is a Composite Filling

If one or more of your teeth has significant decay, your Smiles of Naperville dentist will advise you to have a cavity filled to preserve it. In the past, silver amalgam was the only option for filling material. However, most dental patients today prefer composite fillings instead. This is partly cosmetic since composite fillings are made of clear materials that match the color of the natural teeth. Concerns over the small possibility of mercury poisoning from silver amalgam fillings is another reason they have fallen out of favor. Receive Your New Composite Filling in a Single Appointment Before you receive [...]

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Types of Dental Fillings

It’s important for your dentist at Smiles of Naperville to fill a cavity right away to preserve the integrity of your tooth. When it comes to the types of dental fillings used, today’s patients have more choices than ever. The most common materials used for dental fillings include: Metal/Silver Amalgam: This was the treatment of choice to fill cavities for many years and is still popular with dentists and patients. This filling material consists of 50 percent mercury and a smaller percentage of copper, silver, tin, and zinc. Fillings are quite noticeable with this type of material, which is why [...]

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Treat tooth decay with dental fillings

Tooth decay is the most common cause of tooth loss among the young and old population. It usually happens because of poor oral hygiene, wrong food choices and unhealthy lifestyle. Often times, we hear and read the importance of a good oral hygiene to prevent plaque build-up that can cause tooth decay. A dental plaque is a sticky, colorless substance that forms and covers the tooth surface. So how plaque can damage teeth? Simple, it harbors bacteria that when combined with sugar from sweets or your carbohydrate-rich meal, they produce acid. The acid can wear out the tooth’s enamel by [...]

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