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What is a Composite Filling

If one or more of your teeth has significant decay, your Smiles of Naperville dentist will advise you to have a cavity filled to preserve it. In the past, silver amalgam was the only option for filling material. However, most dental patients today prefer composite fillings instead. This is partly cosmetic since composite fillings are made of clear materials that match the color of the natural teeth. Concerns over the small possibility of mercury poisoning from silver amalgam fillings is another reason they have fallen out of favor. Receive Your New Composite Filling in a Single Appointment Before you receive [...]

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What you should do following a composite filling?

Dental fillings are used to fill the holes caused by tooth decay and prevent further serious tooth damage. They help in the restoration of the tooth’s natural appearance and function. Normally, dental fillings are prescribed by dentists to fill a less extensive damage caused by tooth decay. There are different dental filling materials to choose from. They can be made from metals such as gold and silver amalgams, porcelain and the most popular material, composite filling. Composite filling is made from composite glass and plastic particles. They are visually pleasing to the eye because they are able to copy the [...]

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