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7 Ways to Avoid Toothaches

The best proven way to avoid a toothache is to take better care of your teeth and maintain proper oral hygiene. This reduces your chances of experiencing a troublesome toothache. The foods and drinks that we consume every day that goes through our mouths make our teeth weaker and more susceptible to cavities. Cavities and sore gums will eventually make it extremely difficult for you to eat, and you will be very uncomfortable and in pain. Here are 7 ways that can help you take better care of your teeth and avoid a toothache: We recommend that you brush your [...]

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7 Ways You Can Avoid Toothaches

Are you living with a nagging pain in your mouth? Do you feel discomfort when you eat cold foods or wake up in the morning with painful teeth and an aching jaw? There are plenty of reasons people suffer from toothaches, and it is unnecessary to put up with it. According to a study,  one in four people avoid going to the dentist and make excuses not to go. Some say they simply don't have the time to visit a dentist, others simply admit they are afraid of their dentists. While visiting a trusted and gentle dentist is the best way to prevent toothaches and keep your mouth healthy, [...]

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What is a Composite Filling

If one or more of your teeth has significant decay, your Smiles of Naperville dentist will advise you to have a cavity filled to preserve it. In the past, silver amalgam was the only option for filling material. However, most dental patients today prefer composite fillings instead. This is partly cosmetic since composite fillings are made of clear materials that match the color of the natural teeth. Concerns over the small possibility of mercury poisoning from silver amalgam fillings is another reason they have fallen out of favor. Receive Your New Composite Filling in a Single Appointment Before you receive [...]

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