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Best Cosmetic Dentistry Services to Enhance Your Smile

For the past several years there has been substantial progress in the field of smile enhancement and Cosmetic Dentistry. New technology have led to new and better dental procedures involving cosmetic dentistry treatments like ceramic veneers, which are now more accessible and can be easily afforded by all. The quality of our smile plays an important role in our lives. Regardless of the culture, language or even religion, a smile is a universal symbol of love and friendship that is even recognized by newborns. A beautiful smile can help you a great deal in getting the attraction of people and [...]

2017-09-21T13:43:46+00:00September 21st, 2017|Dental Treatments|

What Dental Offices Should Do To Ease Dental Fear

Many patients find it quite difficult to visit the dentist. Some of these worries are rooted from fears that have been developed while the individual is still very young, and some may have been suggested to them by vivid tales of friends and family members. Fear and anxiety hampers patients from willingly seeking dental help and support, even when the necessity is being exaggerated by the pain symptom their body is being forced to endure. This is a known fact that dentists have been well aware of, and one that they have chosen to deal with in different ways, even [...]

2017-08-25T10:00:33+00:00August 25th, 2017|Blog, dentists|

What Foods to Eat for Stronger Teeth

Remember that your smile gives a strong impression on people you interact with. Having healthy teeth is an important asset to your image and health. If you have weak and unattractive teeth, this prevents you not only from eating certain foods but also from having a confident and beautiful smile. How do we get stronger teeth? The foods we eat and drink is what damages the enamel of our tooth. Acid erosion is the primary cause of weaker teeth. The acid from juices, sugary drinks, sodas and certain foods eats away at the tooth enamel. It is quite impossible to [...]

2017-07-12T16:00:17+00:00July 12th, 2017|Blog, Daily lfe|

Why You Need Fluoride Treatment

There are three different types of procedures performed in a dental office: preventive, cosmetic and therapeutic. Of the three, preventive dental procedures are often ignored because patients forget the importance of safeguarding disease when no threat is posing a direct need. They are not feeling anything bad so they think that they are in good health condition, but one can only ensure that when diligent preventive measures are provided such as the regular fluoride treatment we have here at Smiles of Naperville. Signs You Need Fluoride Treatment Naperville patients visit their dentists for various things. As much as one remembers [...]

2017-06-18T10:00:25+00:00June 18th, 2017|Blog, Children|

Types of Dental X-Rays

There are different types of dental x-rays taken in the clinic. Each types of x-ray is meant to take a specific picture and there are different types of machines and dental films that the dentist uses in order to produce a radiographic imagine of the teeth and the structures beside it. While not all dental procedures have to be carried out with an x-ray, a dental x-ray machine is common equipment in a dental office. It is useful for record keeping, disease diagnosis and treatment planning and even in the actual treatment of disease. A clinical inspection, however thorough, only [...]

2017-04-07T10:00:35+00:00April 7th, 2017|Blog|

Different Ways to Whiten Stained Teeth

Don’t you feel self-conscious when you smile in group photos knowing you have stained teeth? Having whiter teeth will surely make you look more attractive in those selfies! Our teeth discolor because of two main reasons - staining and aging. There are many ways you can prevent teeth staining – try to avoid coffee and red wine to start with. But be sure to stay away from smoking tobacco - if you smoke, it'll definitely show on your teeth. Proper oral hygiene will keep the worst staining at bay and protect your tooth enamel, but if you add a whitening [...]

2017-02-08T10:00:18+00:00February 8th, 2017|Blog|

7 Ways You Can Avoid Toothaches

Are you living with a nagging pain in your mouth? Do you feel discomfort when you eat cold foods or wake up in the morning with painful teeth and an aching jaw? There are plenty of reasons people suffer from toothaches, and it is unnecessary to put up with it. According to a study,  one in four people avoid going to the dentist and make excuses not to go. Some say they simply don't have the time to visit a dentist, others simply admit they are afraid of their dentists. While visiting a trusted and gentle dentist is the best way to prevent toothaches and keep your mouth healthy, [...]

2017-01-12T10:00:03+00:00January 12th, 2017|Blog|

How does a Root Canal save your tooth?

Every tooth in a person’s mouth is very valuable because it serves a function. You need your teeth to flash a beautiful smile. You need your teeth to be able to eat a variety of food. You need your teeth to produce certain sounds during speech. You need your teeth to hold your bite and maintain the integrity of your facial structures. Your teeth are important because of all the reasons mentioned above, and if a tooth is no longer restorable through traditional restorative fillings and you do not exactly want to resort to a tooth extraction, you can get [...]

2016-12-28T10:00:35+00:00December 28th, 2016|Blog, Dental Treatments, Tooth Restoration|
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