People will have different reasons for wanting to have whiter teeth. Some may want a whiter smile because they want to look better and they believe that their pearly whites deserve some uplifting. Some may want a whiter smile because their job demands for them to have better physical appearance and presence.

If you want a whiter and more confident smile, you will need to see your dentist to find out about your options; depending on your need, you can decide between a professional teeth whitening or dental veneers.

To make an informed decision, it will be best for you to learn more about your two options. Professional teeth whitening is a procedure that makes use of chemicals to bleach the teeth. The teeth are soaked with the whitening material, so that the color of the teeth can be brought to a whiter and more beautiful shade. Dental veneers are so much different. It is a prosthetic consideration that involves some facial tooth reduction, so that the facial prosthesis may be fabricated and then luted.

Looking at these two whitening options, they seem perfect, but the right choice will all be dependent on your knowledge of the two:

In terms of tooth preservation: When dental veneers are performed, some tooth reduction is required. This is not the same with teeth whitening procedures where no structure is removed and damaged. When the professional teeth whitening procedure is performed, the bleaching treatment is achieved without having to remove tooth structure, so the health of the tooth is definitely preserved.

In terms results: In terms of whitening results, they both are able to achieve great whitening, but dental veneers are just able to give exacting results. In a teeth whitening procedure, the patient or the dentist is not able to control the results because the outcome relies on the capacity of the teeth to be bleached, the strength of the whitening agent and the frequency at which the procedure is performed. In the fabrication of dental veneers, the patient and the dentist is able to choose a certain teeth shade or color, so one can have really white teeth.

In terms of permanence of results: Dental veneers are more reliable in this aspect because professional teeth whitening results can fade just the natural whiteness of the teeth fades due to food and drinks taken in. Dental veneers may be made with porcelain, ceramic or composite resin, offering more permanent results compared to that which teeth whitening is capable of.

In terms of cost: Costing should be analyzed closely because the facts here will depend on some things. Dental veneers are definitely more expensive than teeth whitening treatments; however, given the fact that teeth whitening results are not permanent, you will end up requiring multiple treatments in order to maintain the whiteness. In the end, you will be spending more money on a professional teeth whitening procedure compared to dental veneer work.

Based on the information you have above, you should be able to make a sound decision about which way to go.