How Much For Teeth Whitening?

There are many reasons why professional teeth whitening is such a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure. While the process is simple, it can dramatically change a patient’s appearance. Brightening the teeth by several shades makes for a more attractive smile as well as greater confidence. After people understand the benefits, the next thing they want to know is “How much for teeth whitening?” As with most elective procedures, there is a wide variation in cost depending on the specific services you choose.

Professional Teeth Whitening for as Low as $100

The cheapest form of teeth whitening is to buy an over-the-counter gel and follow the instructions that come with it. However, this doesn’t provide the lasting quality that you get from professional products and help from a dentist. You may end up buying several kits only to see little or no results. At Smiles of Naperville, we understand that cost is a major consideration when it comes to elective dental procedures. That’s why we’re offering a take-home professional teeth whitening kit at a cost of only $100. This is for a limited time only.

The gel used in a take-home kit is similar to what we use in the office but with a lower concentration. Before sending you home with the kit, one of our dentists will provide detailed instructions on its use. Provided that you follow these instructions carefully, you will see noticeable results in the whiteness of your teeth. You may need to purchase more than one kit to get the end result that you desire.

In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening

The cost of having the teeth whitening procedure performed in our office depends on several factors, such as the degree of staining on your teeth and how many times you have to come in for a new session. The minimum you should budget for is $600, with the cost possibly reaching double that amount for repeat sessions.

No matter which teeth whitening option you select, it’s essential to practice good oral hygiene to prevent the teeth from becoming stained again too quickly. Please contact us at Smiles of Naperville to learn more about the cost of this procedure and how we go about performing it.