When you feel self-conscious about the color or shade of your teeth, you may be hesitant to smile at all. Unfortunately, stained teeth are common as people age due to using ineffective toothpaste, smoking, eating dark colored foods, drinking coffee and soft drinks, and taking certain medications. If you have tried to improve the appearance of your teeth to no avail, you may want to consider professional teeth whitening at Smiles of Naperville. We guarantee that we offer teeth whitening that works.

teeth whiteningHow the Process of Professional Teeth Whitening Works

Before one of our dentists performs this procedure on you, he or she discusses your various treatment options during a personal consultation. After you have chosen the method that is right for you, schedule a second appointment for the actual teeth whitening. At this session, your dentist uses a specialized bleaching gel that penetrates the enamel of the teeth to increase the brightness of your teeth by as much as 10 shades. The process typically takes one hour. If you have severe staining issues, you may need to repeat the procedure more than once.

Unlike other cosmetic dentistry enhancements, it is not necessary to remove any of your tooth enamel during a professional teeth whitening procedure. However, the whitening effect is not permanent as it is with porcelain veneers, dental bridges, and dental crowns. You should practice excellent oral hygiene skills and avoid eating food or drinking beverages known to have a staining effect. As the effect starts to wear off, you should schedule another appointment to ensure that your teeth always look their best and brightest.

Contact Us to Learn More

Most dental insurance companies do not provide coverage for professional teeth whitening since this is a cosmetic enhancement. We would be happy to provide you with a written estimate so you can budget for the cost in advance. Additionally, you may have the option of receiving a teeth whitening kit from Smiles of Naperville that you can use at home. These professional kits offer much better quality than anything you could buy in a drugstore. We encourage you to contact our office with questions about this procedure or to request a consultation. You will be happy you did when you can show your beautiful smile to the world with confidence.