Are you fond of drinking tea, coffee, iced tea, dark colored sodas and beverages? I know most of you do! Did you know these kinds of beverages could stain our teeth very bad? So how do you keep your teeth white?

Here are some teeth whitening tips that you should follow:

  1. Avoid drinking dark-colored liquors like tea, coffee, and wine. These can stain your pearly whites that bad. If you do so, you may have to drink water to remove the traces of it in your teeth.
  2. Try eating crunchy and crispy fruits and vegetables. According to Emanuel Layliev, DDS munching on crunchy fruits and vegetables like apple, carrots and celery can help whiten your teeth as these have enough abrasiveness to clean the tooth surface without posing any harm to the tooth enamel.
  3. Avoid brushing the surface of your teeth that hard. Instead of removing the tooth stain, you’re burrowing the stain in your tooth enamel.
  4. Always floss your teeth after eating or before going to bed. According to Glosman “If you just floss, you can remove so much of the staining that’s in between the teeth that your teeth will already look whiter.”
  5. Try the “white diet method”. Try eating foods which are white, these are: white meat that is not fried nor seasoned, white boiled rice, white pasta, white fruits like pear and banana, vegetables like cauliflower and skimmed milk.
  6. Avoid smoking. Tobacco smoking is the most common factor that can stain teeth as this contains nicotine and tar. Although nicotine is colorless, it turns your teeth from white to yellowish in hue as time goes by because it combines with oxygen molecules. Tar, on the other hand is the darkish remains that comes from smoking tobacco.