Having a missing tooth or teeth does not only have an effect on your appearance but it can also have an impact on your confidence, as well as being prone to other oral diseases. A gap in your tooth can cause some stains on the either side of your teeth or on worst cases, it could affect your bite as well. This is because both teeth next to the spaces can lean into the gap and change the way your upper and lower teeth bite together. Not to mention, having a gap can cause tooth decay and gum disease on both sides of your teeth besides the tooth gap.

Usually, when someone has missing teeth, the most effective restorative options are:

  • Removable Bridges. This is the cheapest option other than fixed bridges, dentures and dental implants. This type of restorative treatment is a good solution in replacing one or more teeth especially dental cases that are complex.
  • Fixed Bridges. This type of bridge is usually made of porcelain composite which is attached and cemented to the tooth adjacent to the area with the gap. The main benefit of this restorative option is that it is fixed and is well built. The disadvantage of this treatment is that in order to create a fixed bridge, two natural teeth will be crowned to hold the bridge in place.
  • Dentures. This restorative option is normally used when one or more teeth are missing in a dental arch. This is usually crafted to make your teeth look like natural.
  • Dental Implants. This type of restorative option is great in supporting dentures. A dental implant is an artificial root that is placed in your jawbone to restore your tooth. It is the most stable type of restorative option but is the most expensive one.

Schedule an appointment with your dentist if you have any questions regarding about how much will the treatment cost you and how will the procedure go.